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Uploaded by Jimmy Kimmel LiveA few years ago I wouldve said that the world wouldve been a lot worse off without the Internet, it enabled us to see each others private lives and connect with a new world of people who were previously closed off to each other. And for someone like Jimmy Kimmel, who has been making billions of dollars because of his online fame, he obviously has a high opinion on the benefits of the Internet. I feel like the Internet should be his friend, but then again maybe hes just too full of himself to ever try to improve his situation. In any case I wouldnt expect him to do anything about it, or at least Im not going to. Im just glad hes not having an affair anymore because I cant imagine how shitty it would have been to see his face on the TV screen instead of mine. As for Donald Trump, Im just glad that even if he does have an affair, hes still going to remain married to his wife and not have to deal with the problems that arise from that. I dont care whos running, I still hope Hillary Clinton is the next president of the United States. And thats something that we really, really need right now. And when I really think about all the women and all the men out there that work everyday, that have got bills to pay, that dont feel like the economy is the best it could be and theyre worrying about their jobs, theyre worried about their kids, theyre worried about their future, it would be a catastrophe if something happened to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump, a press conference, September 26Trumps comments about Clintons health have been one of the most frequent lines of attack against him. Theyre not merely insults, but a series of conspiracy theories that Clinton is in poor or failing health. Its a tactic that has earned Trump the moniker Lyin Ted and one that is unlikely to be changing anytime soon. To see what were talking about, were happy to introduce a video that takes a look at the Clinton health rumors and the history of Donald Trumps assertions of her personal health. I remember one of my early appearances on the show and they started asking me a lot of questions about my health, and I really had a hard time answering them because its hard to do television and do a big audience when youre sick.

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