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Voight was probably the biggest, as he was always the most outspoken. However, one celebrity who is outspokenly pro-Trump is Meryl Streep. Now, hes a big deal, as all of the stars are the biggest stars. Its quite unusual for a celebrity to openly support a conservative, though. Especially one whos a star, like Streep. Ive been getting hate mail, tweets, and even some threatening phone calls about the above. Some people are saying that this is all some sort of publicity stunt by the liberal media to smear Trump or some such. However, they dont seem to be doing their own research. They dont seem to be looking at the actual facts. Many of their examples below are from Tweets Ive tweeted out of the liberal media talking about Donald Trump, and how theyre talking out of context. Some of these arent even talking about Donald Trump, Ive seen some tweets by them talking about my girlfriend. Some of the tweets seem to come from people who I dont even follow, like a fake account. The liberals arent just trying to smear Trump, theyre also trying to smear me, my girlfriend, my mother, several people close to me, people Im close to, and anyone who is a conservative. Im not sure about what you think, but if youre one of those people saying that Im playing into some sort of liberal agenda, youre very, very wrong. What you probably dont know is that Ive already done a couple of interviews. They werent really interviews, they were interviews that were scripted and rehearsed. A lot of what Ive said here is stuff thats already been recorded and put out there in the media of several other things The one media outlet that didnt do their own research, was the Huffington Post. Thats the website that basically got the whole conservative movements reputation in the toilet because of their stupid narrative that conservatives are all sexist, racist, and xenophobic. Ive already had several things posted by their writers, but the writers havent even bothered to do their own research. Theyre just repeating what the mainstream media, which they also hate, has said about us. Thats like the mainstream media saying Hey, Im a journalist, I know that youre all sexist, racist, xenophobic people. And thats why Im going to tell you right now, you better not believe anything they say about conservative people, because its ALL FALSE. And now that Ive made that very important announcement, I want you to send me your hateful tweets, your hate mail, your threats of going out and killing me, whatever it may be, because it will.

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