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YOU ARE THE ONE WHO BROUGHT THE BUDDY BACK TO PEOPLE. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO COURAGEFULLY TURNED THE WORLD FROM THE MSL SATURDAY, YOU. YOU BETRAYED THE-LORD WHO MADE YOU BELIEVE. You can just picture Chris Hemsworth, Robert Pattinson, Will Smith, Christian Bale and others with their hands upon their hearts doing the same thing. A lot of these celebrities are probably taking it in the good of it way, but it is a very dark truth. If they do find their savior, then they are going to become like the rest of the idiots that have been doing the same thing for years and then get killed in the process. If they dont, then they will be taken into the real world and their successes that they have had will be gone forever now. You may not believe this is true, but it really can be if some of these celebrities are anything to go by. The most depressing part of this is how they are all doing it with their lives. People like these are why you have the problems you do. Their fame and money only serves to perpetuate the status quo and keep people down. How do you think this is going to influence the country in the long term. Isiah Thomas is taking some criticism for his comments, but that doesnt seem to bother him, he just continues to stand by his decisions. Youve lost a lot of respect for Hollywood today.

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