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Ve never seen anything quite like this before. You catch yourself looking at various magazines and newspapers. S just in your head, which must be the case as the feeling you get is so strong, you find yourself going to another room and touching things. You feel a lump in your throat and want to choke yourself just thinking about touching things. This is too much to handle and you end up having a nervous breakdown in the middle of the night. A day later you begin to see pictures again. You begin to feel your feelings about the pictures again and begin to visit the pictures in the magazines and newspapers that you once visited in the room you had gone to yesterday. After awhile, your thoughts become your feelings again and you begin to feel better. You soon stop having panic attacks and anxiety. You stop seeing all sorts of things and only focus on feeling the feelings you once had in the original room. Eventually you stop feeling the various thoughts wandering through your head as well. Holly laughs a bit at your flippant answer. Ve done it a few times before, but I think you need to do it in groups, if only to be safe. You were a little too high for my liking.

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