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Download celebrities photography right now without obligation. Dont wait and get the best celebrities from all around on your phones free of charge here. RSS feedRepostingWe are re-posting this article as it contains important information about an important issue. The article will be shared and promoted on facebook, twitter and other social media in the hope that the information is shared and the issue is raised in the right manner. Read moreA year ago today, we told you about an unusual proposal: a man in Maryland was proposing to his sweetheart in a very unusual way: by bringing a shotgun to a shotgun wedding. Williams and his partner, Susan, asked their cousin to marry them. The cousin, who asked not to be identified, agreed, so the couple went to a home where the couples parents, grandparents and other relatives were gathered. Williams asked if he should have a shotgun and the relative who was holding a rifle as witnesses suggested that he should hold the shotgun. At that point, the relative who was holding the shotgun, a woman, allegedly yelled at him to go get a gun from his home just a few doors away and then returned to the wedding reception. The relative who was holding the shotgun, who is in her 60s, was very apologetic, Williams cousin, who said she thought the gun guy was an idiot. But, she said she was sorry for saying what she said, and she didnt want to get into trouble for it, said Williams cousin. A year ago today: Maryland man gives wedding gun proposalA recent poll shows that the vast majority of the American people support a wide array of changes to the way the government operates. Among these are a reduction of the size and scope of the federal government. Unfortunately, many in the Republican Party are not in agreement with this approach, which is why many in that party are currently doing everything they can to prevent a reduction in the size and scope of government. The debate over how to reform or eliminate the government has been going on in the Republican Party for years. The main argument that Republican politicians are using is that you cant make significant changes to the way the government operates unless you first raise taxes. It is this assertion that has made the Republican Party the anti-tax party. Is it true that you cant change the way the government works.

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