Celebrities performing at trumps inauguration

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Png You noEven though youre in the process of putting down one delusional person, you have to keep reminding yourself that you cannot do anything. Theyre not going to listen to reasons to go against them. Everyone is going to be acting like theyre in some sort of play. That is not why you voted for Donald Trump. The reason is because he was going to drain the swamp. You dont have anything he can actually do as far as draining the swamp is concerned, but this is just going to be like playing the The Odd Couple where youre watching the movie while wearing a clown nose. This might be your last week on this Earth so you have to act like youre being saved. Even though those clowns on TV have no real power youre going to take it from them. In the back of your mind, you wonder if you should even do all this. If you went about all this in the wrong way, would you end up as a hero. What if you dont even live through the week. In the end, you ignore all those things. You dont care about all that other garbage that went down in the past few years, and because youve got all this time on your hands, you decide to call up your mom for the final time. D you never bother to answer my calls during the past couple years. She starts to ask before you put a finger to your lips and start whispering. Oh, son, you always have that way with words. M still wondering why you never left. Like I said, I was getting very anxious about your situation and I was really worried about you. T you miss having a father around. T answer immediately, you just continue whispering. Ve ever formed any sort of stable relationship at all.

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celebrities performing at trumps inauguration