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I want to see you, so I can make up with you. You say, before you stop yourself. Well move out of here once we clean out the basement. Ve still got a few things in there. S typewriter and make a small donation to some good local charity. You mom says before standing up and leaving with your sister. S doing everything she can to make this up to you. S not your own anymore, but you still want to make this right. Ve done something as simple as this, you can make up with your mother. Ll be able to at least get your dad back. After seeing no reason to call your dad, you start getting worried and call him up. Re worried about the whole situation and you need to speak with him right away. S how he got to his basement in the first place. However, he seems to be more dead than alive. S been dead for quite some time. Ve never seen him so beaten up. T get far when you see a shadow move behind you and spring a surprise attack.

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celebrities peeing