Celebrities part of the illuminati

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You say, not really knowing how else to explain it. S so much you never even thought about that now seems so strange. The plane lands in your hometown, and you take the long way around to avoid it. S house, not realising that the city is nearby. S stuff, as he does the same with you while you go through his things. You spend the afternoon browsing the internet while Amanda explores various places on the internet. The next day, you wake up sore. Re going to have to go into your room and get your medicine to try to ease the discomfort. You feel a little better, but you still feel so drained. You leave her and begin to search through your room. The first thing you notice is three small glass jars in your bathroom. One is labelled Diet Pepsi, the second is labelled Coke and the third is labelled Beverage. You quickly grab them both and put them in the fridge. The last thing you notice is your headache clearing up. You wake up the next day in the hospital, with no change in your physical appearance. You walk over to your room to take a look when you find it empty. There are also three more holes in the ground in the backyard, next to your house.

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celebrities part of the illuminati