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You do itYou feel like a traitor. Youre not a member of a cult, youre a normal person and you feel so much better just living your life. You get back home and you cry a lot, just because you have fun, and youre too shy to even talk to your friends anymore. But it doesnt really matter since its not like you did anything important anymore anyway. Plus this entire episode was just a bad dream. You just went along with it, like you have to when youre in the cult. On your tenth birthday you join the cult. After five years youre completely reformed. Youre still young, and you have many more years, but after your twelfth birthday, youre completely alone. You feel very alone, because you lost someone special. The only thing you ever think about is partying. You dont leave the house anymore, when youre in a bad mood youre so mad all the time, but its not all bad, because you find a lot of good things about your life. Youre still alive after five years, you think you deserve to feel happy. Okay, okay, Im going to join the church of happiness now. Soon after youre a member of this church, this is when the trouble begins. The first of the problems is that your life becomes a lot less fun. You still have a very bright future ahead. You cant even go out to party anymore; your life just becomes a little bit worse. Thats what really killed you, because at first when faced with the other kids in the church, they all looked so cute, but now you see that theyre being tortured everyday with no joy in their lives. You want to be happy, you dont want to be the happy sad person anymore. Youre now the sad sad person and youre the only one. The next day you join another cult, which was less bad. You only had to do a lot of chanting, and you still had a future ahead of you, so you still liked it. Then, you join another one, and a bunch of other things, they all killed each other in some way or another. Whats funny is youve managed to stay alive for five years, and youve joined many cults. Youve even taken the nickname Happy Sad Man which is funny because.

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