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In a free world, this is one of the least likely causes of death. In fact, its probably the least likely cause of death that has to do with a celebrity. You continueThe first thing you notice is that the books title is A Free World: Celebrities, Mental Illnesses, And The Odds Of Living. Its cover bears the title The Most Odd Thing About Me Is That Im Living. You also notice that it has an ISBN number of 978-0-316-00238-5. You see a book about murders written by an author with mental illness and an ISBN number of the movie about a serial killer. You open up the book to page 29. The strange dreams Ive had where I cant remember what I dreamed about. The only thing she does know is that things seem to be happening to her in her sleep. Im pretty sure its not a feeling of fear or sadness, since weve never had anyone in our family with such a thing. I dont even think its connected to the nightmares we have in the morning, but weve also never had them. How the hell do dreams just come to be like that. Can it possibly be possible for dreams to be a physical thing, like a dreamer-a thing that can exist in the dream and take place in the dream as well as being a thing between the dreamer and the dream, as well as a thing that can have a memory and even interact with memories. As I said, I think this is the most likely cause of your mothers death. Im sorry, you say, for what youre going through. Your son has a friend with a feeling like an electrical charge who has never had anyone in our family with a feeling like that before, but it has happened to everyone who has ever had dreams. Your mother had many of such dreams, too, in the weeks before your death. I know it stings, and I cant help you, but I cant help myself, the book says. Your mother died in your arms, in your arms. Her body lay in the room for days, and then finally the police found it.

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