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Confession, Confession, Name: ConfessionYou feel the urge to break down, but you resist it. Theres one more question thats been on your mind this whole time. They all nod, and you speak them all. We should get the fuck out of here and never return. They laugh, and you break down as well. I know you know what we should do. They continue to sit on the ground, their faces all puffed. You stare at them for a long time, hoping theyll say something. You pause, trying to find the correct words to convince them. Im sorry, were going to run off somewhere. Were so sorry that youve had to face this. All five of them stare at you, their faces filled with pain. We are, they all say in unison, one by one, Well be back to haunt you. You pause, trying to find the right words. The words that will make them believe in their own words and their final act. Im sorry, I dont believe you, you say, before you pause again. They nod, and you hear a quiet laugh come from them. Or should you try to go out and find help. You continue to stare at the other five for several minutes, wondering what to do. Then, one of them finally speaks for you. You press on with your situationWere going to make our own way out of here, we dont have anywhere to go, we need to leave, you say. Well come back later, just dont let them catch us, one of them says.

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