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Donalds victory at the ballot box is a victory for us. We as a community are taking back our country. It is also a victory for those of us who were not afraid to speak our minds and now that we have done so, our voices have been heard. Mr Trump has listened to us and embraced our views. Thank you and may God bless America. Michael Kushner Donald Trumps victory has been an inspiration and has inspired us all to take our country back. I will not let this man who has been an inspiration to many of us come in and try to divide us. Thank you and may God bless our country. Sarah Kushner David Cameron I am proud to proudly be an American today. Thank you and God bless the United States of America. He has promised the American people the biggest tax cut in history that will bring back jobs, grow the economy, and help struggling families. He will ensure Americas strength, prestige, and standing as an example for the world. I support Trump and the next President of the United States Donald Trump. Michele GrahamI am proud to be an American today. -Melinda-DeVitoI am also proud to be an American today. Donald Trump has put America and the free world first as he will be a leader that will make the UnitedStates and humanity a strongertogether. As a Jew, I will do everything in my power to make sure America and the Jewish people are safe incoming years. May God bless Donald Trump and America in its new eraof prosperity and safety. I support you, Donald Trump, for president and I am proud of you. -Sholom-Recha Donald Trump is the only person who is going to stand up to Russia. -ShlomoI am truly grateful for this election that was held to restore the Republic. I had always hoped that we would elect a president of American ideals, but that never happened. It is up to each individual to make their own choice on who they believe.

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celebrities on trump win