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All the more reason to get out the vote for president. You can do something real good here right. You dont do itAre you really so damn lazy you cant do something. The worst youve ever been in, but you cant exactly do anything about it. Your mom is probably going to see some shitty picture of you on the internet that you sent her, so at least you wont have to worry about that right now. Your mom looks up at you in the kitchen doorway, and you almost immediately feel like shit. Youre a good boy, youre going to be a good boy. You cant let bad thoughts like this get into your head. You stand there for a moment, face buried in your hands, as your moms eyes are wide in surprise. You say it so fast, you sound scared yourself. You cant believe you just said it. How many other fucking things do you want to be president of. You laugh to yourself, and then say it again, louder this time. Just as shes about to get the idea of how youre going to do this in, your mom grabs your shoulder. Then why dont we get you a job at the local diner. With all the money you make, maybe youll get to go to college. You couldnt possibly turn down your mom. Theres no way in hell you wouldnt say yes. Theres no way you couldnt be president. Your mom gives you a hug, before going back to her kitchen work with a cheerful smile on her face.

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