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The apprentice was born out of the latter years of the 1960s, where models and actresses trained in a Apprentice-esque program. It was originally created by Walt Disney, and produced by his ABC network. In the United States, the show was broadcasted by CBS for one season. The show aired on Decemto record-breaking ratings and was an immediate success. The show became the first television series to feature celebrities, many of whom later appeared on it as featured prospects in various seasons. The show became the longest-running show in the history of ABC when it ended its broadcast in November of 1980. The show was subsequently taken over by DisneyABC, who re-aired it for one more season. This version of the show was entitled, and aired in syndication for the next eight years. After these three years of re-broadcasts, ABC canceled the series on J. The original show was renamed as Celebrity Apprentice, and was aired for another two years. On Decem, Warner Brothers Network announced plans to continue the series as a reality program. It continued its existence for four years, until it was canceled on Febru. The production for the series was eventually taken over by NBC, who aired it as a spin-off of The Apprentice. It was later produced into the series, starring Jon Hamm and Will Ferrell. In Australia, the series debuted in 2000, and the pilot episode was broadcasted on Jin a single-day prime-time schedule, in which it was the number one program that day. The two-hour episode was nominated for an Australian Interactive Media Award in 2001. 45 On Jafter 18 months in syndication, The Apprentice Australia was cancelled by Network 10, although the show was re-aired on Nine in September of 2006. Production of a DVD and Blu-ray release was announced in June 2015, but was later cancelled. 6Contents showEpisodesSeason 1:Season 2:Season 3:Season 4:See AlsoTriviaThe opening title credits of the series have become a cultural icon that is used and reproduced almost everywhere, from posters to t-shirts to dolls to smartphones. The title card also features an Australian flag.

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