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The following day, you take your leave and head towards the west. Re still a little surprised by what you see. T supposed to get here so easily, but somehow this is exactly where you needed to be. T even the security provided by the Legions so you sort of wonder what the point of it is. S been four years since the last time you were here and it looks like things got worse. Who have been in the news lately have been seen taking the fight to those of other factions in some spectacular fashion, most notably attacking a biker party with knives and blunt objects. Have also been seen raiding the caravans in the west. Gang by others, which may be an apt description. Some have been seen fighting in the northwest, but it seems like none of this is coordinated. T be shy about using that to get what they want. All of this makes you wonder, what would happen if you got behind the scenes and brought order to this chaos and organized some of the gangs under your banner. You make your way further towards the center of.

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celebrities nip slips