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The German Republic has just elected its new leader and you were one of the candidates to become the nations chancellor for the first time in sixty years. You and the other candidates discussed how you would act if elected into office, what your political goals were and more. In the week or so before the election, you and the last remaining candidate, the liberal former president Dr. Joachim Vollmar, discussed many topics, but you both agreed on one thing: you both felt that Germany needed more money. Vollmars political party, the Social Democrats, was advocating for greater government spending, you and your fellow candidates were against this idea. At the end of the week you returned to your homes in Frankfurt and Berlin and talked about your plans. You vote in the electionThe election will be held in two days. You cast your vote for President of Germany, Dr. You walk through the street and turn onto another street. You are in a different place, but not entirely different. You continueAs soon as you turn, you feel a chill hit your spine and your entire body. You stop in your tracks and look around. In front of you is a large cross symbol painted on a wall. You quickly look around, but find no trace of an exit. You walk more cautiously, trying to avoid any graves or other graves. You continueYou soon find yourself walking down a large road filled with debris. Some of the buildings are still standing, but many more have been destroyed in some way. A few cars remain, but they are all either half buried in debris, destroyed completely, or completely engulfed in flame. A few corpses of zombies lie dead in the road. You continueYou continue on, now heading into what you think is a bar, however, you are unable to identify the building. Suddenly, you hear what sounds like a gunshot. You turn around to see a lone hunter walking along beside you. It would seem you are on a large street with several other people. You investigate the noiseYou turn to look and notice that the hunter is wearing a strange hat covered with black feathers resembling a bird cage. It appears that the hat is covered with white feathers of some sort. Instead of hair, his head and neck is covered in feathers and his beak is.

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celebrities near me