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What if this country collapsed in a manner similar to what happened in Russia. What if people cant find safety here anymore. What if people are fleeing because they cant find safety at home anymore. This will be the largest national emergency since World War III. The world is descending into a state of civil unrest and we might not be able to stop it at all. We need to get the word out to the people about the need to get well, pack up and leave the country. I dont know about you, but I dont see me staying here to see this through if things get too bad. I mean it IS a country, but I feel like its slipping away from me as we speak. The future doesnt belong to those who live it most, dont you think. Dont even think about going back to your hometown. You might not make it after all. You replyHello everyone,Im sorry that I dont have as many posts as I used to, but the truth is, Im working a part time job because of the bills that I have to pay. This is a little sad, cause when I was in school, I was a high school senior in California and was planning on going to graduate school soon. I never had the chance to do so, and I dont think Ill ever make my own way to grad school, because money is always an issue nowadays. I also havent been able to do much with this blog in the longer times Ive had to use it. Although I have had the chance to meet so many people and talk with them in person, I just cant seem to get back to a place where I feel I can respond to them and let them know how much I care about them. I dont have many followers anymore, because there are just so many people nowadays, and I hardly get any new ones. I might get a couple new ones, but Im not going to bother sending them out to me, cause Ill forget about them before they even know I existed. The worst is, Im not really sure if I ever will. I know many things are changing around the world right now, and Im sure things are about to get even worse, but something is going to have to change. The economy, the way society is evolving, the way people are living and just generally just the world in general. The way to do this isnt to just shoot our weapons and blow every one of the humans into nothing but a pile of gray goo, its to get people off the earth. Its going to take a revolution, and I dont even know if thats a possibility if we keep playing the game.

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celebrities moving because of trump