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Vanessa does not moan for critics in-the-street. This is the part that causes you to break into laughter. You wonder who could possibly be responsible for a parody on this page. The last time you checked, these two groups dont mix, so it would be the latter. You dont do itYou cant do it, not in the name of fun. You look over to the clock and see that it is still past 8. You decide to leave and head back home, thinking about what you will do when you get home. Its been about six months since you left and your curiosity about the world and life has grown. You have a desire to know more about the people you work with and talk with. You never liked the idea of reading peoples minds and you dont mean the fictional ones either. You continue looking for answersYou continue your investigation. One night while you are asleep, you receive a visit. My name is Detective OBannon and youre going to like my partner on this case. You slowly open your eyes and see a very mangy dog with a clipboard. Ah, yes, yes you are a nice person. Yes, Im not going to say its the best thing thats happened to me in my life, but its all for something. Lets just say, I have been given the chance to put my mind to more good use than I expected. And here I thought it was the case that I got in this line of work just to make a living. But you see, you have given me the opportunity to give back and in turn I shall give something back to you, my dear. My name is Officer Zoll, I have been assigned to you to help you with your case. My mother was my best friend and the most supportive person I ever knew. She was sick, she wanted me to be there for her, but she.

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