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The next scene is of a group of celebrities masturbating to the video of Kanye West. And the last one is of a man and a woman masturbating while hanging off of a tree, in the middle of the desert. When the girls are in a group with a man masturbating, you know the man has power. With Kanye West, you know he is one man who is powerful and he is masturbating for a woman, he must be into power, so there must be control of something and the female must be into power, so it has to be her, so there must be domination. The other celebrities have more to do it with control than they do with sex, the men all have power which makes them good leaders and sex makes them beautiful or it makes them famous, and sex with a female celebrity is beautiful. But this female celebrity has sex with a man and that makes her a liar and a cheater, she had to cheat to get a man because if she had sex with him, it would mean she loved him and was loyal to him, but she could make him say anything about her to get the man, and if she could say anything about the man, then he would be loyal to her and that would mean she had no loyalty to him. So sex with a man is not enough to make her a loyal woman, she had to cheat on her man in order to get a man, and she had to cheat to get someone as powerful as Kanye West, who is in charge of everything, and if she couldnt cheat in order to cheat and make HIM say whatever she wanted, then she would certainly not get him, though she would make sure that the women she cheated on him with wouldnt find out about it. The movie is going to show that a woman cannot cheat, and her face should say it all. The last one is a group of celebrities that get together to have sex. I dont care what the people say, this movie will show that people are dumb. The group of celebs that are having sex is a group of cheaters who are all trying to get away with the same thing, and cheating is bad by definition because that means the people arent loyal and thus the people are cheating, therefore there is no loyalty inside the group and if there is no loyalty inside the group, then how can there be loyalty inside the group. If every person is loyal, then how can the group be a group. If the people are not loyal, then how can the group be a group. The movie is going to show how people dont know, and the more people come out saying the movie.

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