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You dont feel like lookingYoure not feeling like looking at all these hot celebs, especially since you cant bring yourself to look at their private parts. You decide to stay at the Hilton as the night goes on, and you and Diana make plans to be together later. Youve never been one to stay in a hotel without paying for it first, so you figure it isnt too much of a bother for you to do so. You know Diana will have it, since thats why youre staying so you can avoid her in the future. Once you finally get inside the hotel, you go straight to the lobby for your money, and you manage to secure it, before heading up to your room. After locking the door, you check your phone and see that theres no message from Diana yet. You look through all your conversations, but youve already seen it all. Youve seen her talk to other guys, and even her talking with your friend John about his band, It was a one night stand, so he wasnt really her typeYou sit down on the bed and head into your room. Youre not really in the mood to go out right now. You dont remember if it was even today yet, or yesterday. You finally go to sleep, and when you wake up, you find yourself in the Hilton in mid-afternoon. Youre going to have to find something to do, since youre still not feeling well. You order a beer and sit on the couch, wondering if you should have that one night stand tonight. You look to your left and see a car driving straight at you from the other direction, hitting the wall next to you. You jump back a little bit when it happens. You hope there werent any other car alarms going off, at least not from that direction. You look up and realize that if you didnt look where you were going, you might not have been able to run out the door of the hotel as fast as you did. You turn your head once more, and look down into the street. You see that its been cleared due to the car accident. The police car is here now, and so is your neighbor. You also see that the other guy was driving like a madman all night. You get a brief glimpse of him and think he looks a little familiar. A voice from your neighbor says, Hey Suzy, you over there. Theres a brief moment of hesitation from you before you reply back. Your neighbor looks at the back of your pants and says, Your panties are really wet, are you sure you didnt just have a one night stand.

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