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T only about deaths, but also about changing styles and even genres. As you can see, the music industry might not have been doing so great in general, but its been doing even worse, due to the fact that the year ended with the worst album sales since the Beatles Sgt. As for the record industry, 2016 also had its fair share of notable album release entries. So, in the words of Debbie Reynolds song, This could be the worst year ever for the music industry. As you can only imagine, it might be even harder for the music industry to recover as a result of these events. As a result of the above, and of Debbie Reynolds death, I have to wonder if we should try to keep the arts in this country safe from future problems. After all, the arts are the source of culture for this country, and its also the source of a lot of the countrys money. It would just be irresponsible to let them all die and then think about where the rest of the money will come from. I think we should at least give our artists the same benefit of protection we give to the rest of the country, for the sake of culture AND for the sake of money I say. When I first heard about this idea, I could only think that we should try to do the same thing to the drug industry. I mean, its the same thing, the entertainment industry is one of the major contributors to the drug industry and vice versa. I mean, the two are connected like a finger and the drug is the source of pleasure and joy, and the entertainment industry is the source of pleasure and joy. As a result of this, I think that it would be wise to at least give our rock bands a similar level of protection we give the drug industry, so that they will be able to continue to exist in this country, and the drug industry will at least continue in its current form. I think the government should at the very least regulate drugs like alcohol and tobacco, and then allow a certain type of music. I mean, in that case, I guarantee that the drug industry will suffer the same fate as the entertainment industry. After all, music will always be a big part of this country, it is one of the major engines of the economy. Its also one of the main forces of creativity, and that is why I think that we should at least give.

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celebrities lost in 2016