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Re going to do it the way you want to do it. Re not going to continue going to parties. Re not going to come back to your old job. Re going to go back to your apartment and just live like an ordinary normal person. S just happy with where they are and enjoying the present. Ve got your own apartment in one piece. The fact that it was a place where you were making an effort to meet other people, go out to parties, and have a normal and happy life makes it a much more negative situation than your current living situation. So there you are, living your new found life. Now all you gotta do is get a job. T going to waste another minute thinking about going back to grad school. You get a job and you become productive and happy again. Ve really missed all of the parties at this college. Re settled in your own place again, enjoying your new life in an apartment. Partying and getting high with a bunch of jocks and nerds just seemed weird to you. T the type you enjoyed hanging out with. Your friends were always there to socialize to see old friends, go out, have a few drinks, get fucked up and generally have a good time. Sometimes you even threw a few of your own in the back of a car with them.

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celebrities leaving for canada