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It was reported that Jennifer Lawrence decided to leave the United States of America if Trump won. Both celebrities are moving somewhere else now if Trump loses. Is there anyone else who is moving to a foreign country for the sole purpose of avoiding the effects of Donald Trump winning. I cant even believe all the people who are leaving the country. You probably heard, but apparently some Hollywood celebrities dont support Donald Trump, and theyre moving to another country. I wonder if theyll leave the country, because that would mean Donald Trump will win. Now, I cant say this, because Im also leaving the country, but Im pretty sure Donald Trump will win this election. I hope this video helped some of you guys. There is a lot of stuff in there, and its all true. There is a lot of stuff going on right now I cant talk about, but I do know that this whole time, Ive been thinking about Donald Trump, and thinking about what hes going to do to America. I dont believe that Donald Trump will win the election, but Im not giving up. Ill keep pushing until the very, very end. This is Amy Schumer at a Trump protest in New York. Donald Trump is making America less safe, and hes making this country less free. You cant just be against everything that America is. You have to be for a fraction, but even a fraction is too much. If you dont want to see America be less free, then you need to vote for Hillary Clinton. Amy Schumer at a Trump protest in New York. This is a warning to all of you that you have to get out and vote on election day. In the meantime, I was wondering, did you watch Amy Schumers new movie, The Other Side of the Door. About 2,000 people packed a Halifax auditorium Wednesday night to hear a report on the ongoing crisis in northern Labrador, with many in attendance voicing concerns about the level of investment being made by local and federal governments. The meeting follows the release of a report by the national auditor general that said federal and provincial governments should do more.

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