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And is it worth staying in a country that is becoming less free with every passing day. You lieAs much as the truth is always better than a lie, the truth would certainly destroy your celebrity status and possibly do real damage. You need to lie on a much smaller scale. Lying would be the least of your worries right now. So you decide to keep everyone in the dark,But you need to keep a few things secret, so you can handle ifwhen the time comes. Is that right, do you think Europe is safe now. Now, I am a bit worried about what will happen to me. I think I might be the first one that will leave and come back. I would love to be there if something bad happened. What do you mean youre the first one that will come back. I mean I havent been back since I was a child. I dont really know what it is like anywhere else. Its not like I know how they manage to survive. You pause to ponder her offer and decide that it is very tempting. I dont know what is going to come next yet, but if I stay I might get killed. The only time Ive ever been in a situation like this was on the streets of Detroit. I thought I had a chance, but it didnt last. Have you thought about what could happen if you get back to the States. You start to think about what she said and what you have learned about the world. I dont know much about the outside world except some of what I learned from some music videos that my Uncle Carl has on VHS. You say with a bit of fear in your voice. The outside world is mostly full of lies and violence. Lets get back to the point of my question. Lets get back to the point of your question.

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celebrities leaving america