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It was a fairly pathetic display, but it got your point across. Your feelings were probably the same as anyone elses, but the next day someone came to see you. He was sitting with his two children and his second wife; and you could tell even from the room that Donald Trump was a good father. You told Donald that you had just spoken to his children, and that they were the happiest he had ever seen them. You told him about how they had all been looking forward to hearing that you had called all the celebrities and said that if they truly cared about their country, they should leave if they didnt want to live under Trumps regime. Trump thought about it and then said, Its not very often that a sitting President says that. Ive never heard anyone say that before. Thats a rare thing to hear from a sitting President, Mr. Thank you for your time, you said. He seemed genuinely touched by your words. Not because he was a Trump fan, but because he felt that you had given him a reason to vote for him in the last election. You just hadnt given it enough thought. You just hadnt gave it enough thought. You were still a bit skeptical of Trump, but after you told him what you told your children, he did seem quite sincere. You thanked him and he seemed to be glad it was over with. He said that he really hoped that Hillary would win, because he felt that she was going to be even worse than Obama. He said he was sure that he wouldnt see you again soon. Maybe he was telling everyone else, but he was definitely talking about you. You had to sit with Donald Trump the rest of the day, and it was a little unnerving. He seemed genuinely nice, and you thought that maybe he wasnt a bad man. But then he took your pen and signed your name to make a little note, and then he said that he was going to be gone for awhile and that you should call him when he was back. The next day he was gone again, and even though you wanted to call him, you went back to your routine, not really worrying about him. You continue your routineYou were right that your new routine of going to work didnt really change much.

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celebrities leave if trump