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So, who is the biggest celeb in the world, in your eyes. The man behind a petition to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse has died. Gerry Broome died Saturday at the age of 92, CNN reported. The Confederate flag is displayed on the grounds of the South Carolina Capitol. The flag is a symbol of racism and white supremacy, and the group that raised it, the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, has condemned it in the past. The SCFL, which also opposes same-sex marriage, has not yet said whether it will follow through on a petition it launched in 2015 to remove the flag from the south Carolina capitol building. RELATED: The Confederate flag in the US: The full historyIf it does, it would be the first time a state has removed the flag in the U. The flag was put up by secessionist sympathizers in South Carolina who were opposed to what they considered a federal government that they felt was encroaching on their rights. You can have the flag up because youre still standing for what you think is right, said Mark Johnson, a historian of the Confederate States of America. You can have a banner on your own building and the flag be up; you can have flags up on top of buildings and have them down when you want to. Johnson also denied that the flag was ever a symbol of racism. You cant say just the flag; its so much deeper than that. Its about the institution of slavery thats on that flag, and thats why I think its important and we have to continue to get the history, said Johnson. A single blow can break the neck of a man. Edgar Hoover, Director, FBI, FBI Files: The Story of Hoovers FBI, Washington Post, ApThe story of Hoovers FBI, an organization that has been widely depicted as a black hole of corruption and abuse under the leadership of the FBIs director, J Edgar Hoover, is inextricably linked with his political actions. In addition, he wielded a great deal of power through the use of his FBI Agents. Hoover was a long-time supporter of Republican causes and president of the John Birch Society. He was also an arch-conservative and a proponent of a strong, centralized U. Government, but it was his use of the FBI that most directly involved the president in the scandals he was facing.

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