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You go through a few hashtags, then decide to try the less obvious but more relevant gofags and find some new pictures. You dont really feel like looking at nude, or at least mostly nude pictures of a bunch of other naked people that you have no sexual interest in. The only thing that you do see is the odd porn star in nothing but a g-string, and that makes you feel slightly sick. You have a bit of a moment of clarity then, one that can be summed up as Wow, youve never seen any of this before. Youre an outsider, and thats what youve always known. Youre not exactly new to the place and have always known the place was that place. But as much as you knew it all day, you also know enough of it to know it doesnt really mean anything to you. You dont really care about the politics or the bullshit status stuff. Hell, you used the word nerd only once the entire day. And that little moment of clarity is what eventually gets you to move on to something else, but not before you realize that youre still not sure what it is that keeps you glued to your phone the entire day. You go on a walkYou decide that today is the day to leave the place. Youre sick of it and sick of feeling the need to look at other peoples naked pictures. You know what youre like when youre like that in real life. You dont really feel like going back to your room, in fact you probably would have been glad to just stay in that room, but today is different. You feel this strong urge to just go outside and just be yourself and not worry whether other people think youre weird. You walk out of the building feeling a bit strange. You dont have any particular destination in mind, but you do know that you want to be somewhere where you feel safe, and thats right outside the mall. You find yourself looking at the sky for a moment and wonder if theres a reason for all the lights. You head back inYou dont really want to go back to the mall, but you look at the street signs a bit longer and start to get a bit lost in your thoughts. You start to get very lost, and suddenly you realize that your phone is ringing. You answer while trying not to smile too widely or too awkwardly.

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