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UPDATED: Who is dealing with their own criminal issues. You keep the celebrity in trouble in the limelightYou say nothing more to the girl. There is still a certain glamour to being one of the first to be able to call any person famous. You stand in front of a crowd of excited onlookers. Im so honored to be the first one to bring you this news, you say. Youre getting a big dose of reality, youll soon see, you say. The girl looks into your eyes, and you feel a powerful force. She is gone before you can even act. A nice girl you just went through all that trouble to break up with yesterday. But suddenly, your attention is brought back to reality by a sudden noise. You turn around and see the girl on the ground, pinned by a large man. You see bruises covering her face and body. You grab the man who is on top of her and push him off of her. You see blood on the street in front of you and the crowd has already dispersed. I heard you could help, so I ran here, the man says. You cant just do this, the girl says. If you dont help me, Ill hurt you. Ill do it and make this stop, the girl says. You step out of the way, sending the man flying to the ground. This isnt even the worst youll see this week, he says. I thought I was just some kid running around the city, you say. Youve come the farthest, so help me up, he says. No, you dont get to get up. Oh, so its not enough that I beat the crap out of you last night.

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celebrities in trouble