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One year has passed, and the world is no better than it was: only a year of peace has passed. Everyone has run out of things to do, all the governments and cities have collapsed into anarchy, and there is no-one to save you. On a futile attempt to save our homes from destruction. GalGadot feels her way through the dark with only the light from her blade to guide her. She wanders through the city streets, the streets where she used to run alongside her friends. They were a bright green, full of life and joy. Now, they are filled with a sense of hopelessness and defeat. GalGadot stops in front of a ruined building, and sees a few scattered figures standing outside. It appears that someone is trying to force the city to revolt. There are a few children around, but they look like they do not want to be there. GalGadot stands in front of the building, and looks at the rebels inside it. Its lifeblood is dying, and you are unwilling to see this happen. With a mighty cry, the rebels within the building rise up to run away as GalGadot lunges towards them with her sword and cleaves them into pieces. The building crumbles, and GalGadot swings her sword and smashes it against a building behind her as the last rebels are cut down. As you watch, GalGadot grabs a small child. She looks up at you with innocent eyes, but a look of fury well within them. You pull it closer, and GalGadots eyes widen. You look down at the small child in your arms. You are to die here, and many others will die too.

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celebrities in the military