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The front of the house is big enough to be considered a mansion. Tobey goes to a door and speaks into the intercom. Each room is individually decorated with luxurious furniture and artwork. M starting a new life and would like to start from scratch. I hope to see you at one of my parties. You enter the room and see an opulent living area. There are also some very erotic pictures in the room. Re only in it because Tobey wanted his friends to see him off and put you on the invite list. M really starting to feel sorry for the guy. M not in a fantasy world anymore though. Ll feel like you have a little more freedom. T even think about taking a look around the rest of the house. Your anger gives way to a pitying attitude which soon morphs into an open jealousy which leads to a desire for revenge. Ve done in your fantasy life and how much more intense most of it was. You always figured Tobi was just playing with you. Ve been acting really weird since you got here. You turn around and see Tobi standing in the entryway. Ve got a little closer, but in an intimidating way.

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celebrities in penthouse