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Some of the biggest stars from the world-have moved to nyc in the past. Popular guys like Michael Jackson had moved to nyc. – Popular guys like Marilyn Leigh and Paula Volbeat had relocated to nyc. Get the latest celebrity sighting information in many other cities including the cities with the biggest movie and television production industries in the US. You get the Celebrity Sightings by CategorySee Also:Welcome to Celebrity Sightings, the home of Celebrity sightings information in New York CityCelebrity Sightings is a fan site dedicated to celebrity sightings information in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and San Francisco. In brief, Celebrity Sightings is a fan site for the entertainment industry, and the fans out there are always eager to share their knowledge in all areas of entertainment. That said, Celebrity Sightings is not affiliated with any of the TV shows and movies mentioned here. If you have a celebrity sighting from the TV shows or movies listed here,but you prefer to keep your information on the fan site,you are more than welcome to contact us here and we have a wide variety of things we can do for you. Just dont expect us to keep your contact to a minimum. See Also:You can follow or get help on these linksCelebrity Sightings is maintained by: Robert, Steve, Paul and JohnCelebrity Sightings is available under the following CC-BY-SA-3. Just write a Message and put it in the section with the Message Please Help Me. Hello and welcome to Celebrity Sightings, one of the most visited topics of our fan-site.

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