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Mar 24 2013 10 Mar 2013. 1 Mar2008, 25 2006 Facts of Adventure. This is probably a little too nerdy for most of the people here, but its the only thing Ive got. Ive already been told that this is way more interesting than the comics I usually post on Daily Kos, so theres that. I was going to put this up on Daily Kos, but I kind of want to keep it on my own site. So instead, youre going to get to see it here. I want this shit out there so I can do something with it. I mean, I was thinking before about doing a few comics about my own life, but after reading through this, Ive decided to just go all out and do a full comic biography. So far I had an idea of what I wanted to draw, but its just been sitting around gathering dust in my mind, until the moment came to really write it down. Ive been feeling really down lately, and I dont know why. I just really dislike my job now. I used to like getting up at a certain time, going to work and leaving at the end of the day with money in my account. I still spend most of my money on alcohol whenever I can, but its a lot less than it used to be. I havent been out on the town in a long time. I used to be so much more than just a comic book artist. I used to be a man that cared about the people around me, but its kind of ruined that for me now. I just dont have the energy to do anything other than drink cheap bourbon and watch shitty reality shows on TV to pass my time. Im not really sure what to do, so I think one of the only things that I can think of that I would enjoy doing is living a life of luxury. I mean, I cant do anything about the fact that I cant get laid and I still stink, but I could at least have a nice home to decorate. I was thinking about getting a housekeeper, but I dont know how much that would cost me. Maybe I could get a temp worker and get some cheaper woman to work for me, but I still wouldnt really be able to get anything more than a cheap hooker because I dont have any more.

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