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A very well cared for and well looked- after. You go to another Music VideoThe more you go the more you find that you have a love-hate relationship with MTV. While you do not mind a bit of music, and you like a lot of MTVs original music videos, you do not feel any special connection. You still feel as if you have not earned even the smallest amount of your time there. The more you go the more you find that there are very few songs to choose from, and you do not feel like you can find something to suit your tastes. You feel as if youve had your fill, but a song pops in your head. Your heart feels like its going to burst from the sheer joy of it, but you do not want to just keep going, you have more to see and do before you can return. You think that it would be a good idea to take a short break and get some food and drink before continuing. You take a breakMTV is a place you shouldnt be, and you did not want to come here. You have not fully enjoyed anything else here, and now is not going to be any different. Youre coming to an end to your time here and you need some time to cool down. You will come back, but you want to be back right now. You need to get some food and drink before you return. You take a break and eat a quick snack that you find on a counter and drink a can of beer. Suddenly, a song comes on the radio and you hear the name of your town. You remember that you were there once, but you dont remember too much about it and you have lost all the meaningful memories regarding it. You dont even know what kind of people live there anymore. Youre not really concerned about that though, youre just looking for a place to get some food and drink while youre here. Youre going to walk out of this place before you actually do some of that. You take a look at the other videos on the news and see what else is going on in the world. News is not your thing, but you decide that since youre here, you might as well watch some music videos. You watch a few of them, but not very many. One you do re-watch is the one where the singer of The Offspring is getting hit on a date by a guy in a leather trench coat. You dont even remember the lyrics to that song, but its certainly a catchy one. Most of it is not very good though and you give up.

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