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You want to shopYou dont know what to think. You are standing in the middle of the street with the world in your hands and you dont know a damn thing about anything. You see a shoe store on your left, a perfume store on your right, a jewelry store near the road and the whole time you have absolutely no idea what to buy. You want to just sit in your car and cry for the rest of the day. T really what you wanted to wear and are really too small for you. And the blue dress I saw at the clearance lady that one time. Those are a bit too small for me too. But that one might look weird on me. Ve all heard about all the things you have in common. T even seen these objects yet. Ve got no idea where to even begin. You turn around and head back to your car. Once you exit your home and get back in the car, you decide that probably the only thing you have in common with anything is that your parents died and left you a house. Re on your way to a new start, as it were. Ll start with the same place as the sweater and the pajamas and the jacket.

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celebrities in mini skirts