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As you stand at the front of the room, you turn around and see Emily walking towards you, she gives you a hug, then continues to walk towards the caskets. M so glad you could come to support us in this difficult time. I have to say, this has been just about one of the hardest things I have ever done since I came here. Re here to be with our family and friends for the rest of their lives. Ve been dead for well over half a century now, you still live in the hearts of everyone here, I just know it. S right, this is really about the family, this family that was strong enough to get over the loss of a loved one and build a better one with the life that was given to them in its place. Donna remarks and then begins weeping quietly, not stopping for the duration of your remarks. Re not really here to see your loved ones anymore. You say and then hold on to Emily and hug her. After the hug, you begin to speak again. Well first of all there is no need to hold any anger against us or anyone else. T planning anything or even caring about what anyone else thought. We were just in the dark and we died in the dark. We all loved each other and were willing to do anything for one another. Ve always loved you and was willing to do anything for you.

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