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She decided that Dont even think of mimicking these celebrities. 124122014, 5:37:55 PM Ian Cheong: Its funny how they use this as an excuse to use this horrible image of me 24122014, 5:37:57 PM Ian Cheong: Its like oh hes a racist, look at his fucking dog. Iglvzx, : lol24122014, 5:38:06 PM Quinnae: And like Izzy says, that disgusting picture of me is not at all me, even though it cant be. Last Login: 24122014, 7:07:46 PM Previous Login: 24122014, 8:12:05 PM I received the following message this evening:I apologize on behalf of the U. We wouldve liked to hear from you sooner, but were trying to make the best of this situation. Im sure that all of you have had a lot to process this week, and of course the situation is still ongoing. I wanted to ask if you know how to get back home. There is a phone in your room that can be used to contact the Air Force Base in Sint Maarten. We will be sure to pass your message on to the appropriate people at the base. The phone in my room is not working right now. Ill try to get ahold of the Base Commander soon and see if there is anything that can be done. So I guess I have to wait to see if I have to fly back to the States. And on top of all that, my roommate is still there. What if some crazy person from that crazy war is still following me. The worst part is, I dont even have a destination in mind anymore, so where am I even headed.

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