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So aspen resorts are an absolute favourite with celebrities because you can get there, but youre still struggling to keep your budget low enough that it doesnt end up taking away from your personal time and your personal life. You try to keep an eye on things, and you try to look at Aspen as it develops, but its hard to maintain enthusiasm for something thats not improving. And so, you stay away from Aspen resorts during winter. You can only imagine how much more valuable they are to celebrities when its all said and done. You drive through the American Southwest instead of going to Aspen during your vacation, though you do enjoy the scenery at Aspen for a while. When youre not skiing or enjoying your holiday at Aspen, you make time to enjoy your time with friends. You meet up with a few old college crushes and make plans to hang out regularly, but once you go to Aspen, your life is more focused on that place rather than other people. Youve been there once, its done that now, and it doesnt seem to want to leave you. You try to keep it at a minimum, and you think youve succeeded. You continueThe next time you return to Aspen during summer, its during winter. Youre back with a vengeance, and youve already left it behind. So youve been there once, and its over. You head back to San FranciscoYouve been there once, youve done that, and its done that now, and it doesnt seem to want to leave you. You head back to New YorkYoure not going to Aspen for the winter. You spend your vacation in California instead. Its not a vacation you look forward to, but with the price of living being as high as it is in San Francisco, you have little choice but to do it. Your days at Aspen are over, but youre back to living your life in some sort of constant state of dissatisfaction.

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