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You can literally make this shit up. If this one wasnt genuine, you wouldnt have agreed to talk to her. Alright, that sounds a lot more interesting than the conspiracy theories I was hearing earlier. Hmm, yeah I like talking to people who have interesting thoughts and opinions. S kinda why I got interested in this game. My life has been pretty shit lately. After saying that, you start heading to the bedroom. I thought this would be a good way to help me in my life. T have a name or much of a personality to go off of. When she is talking to you, she is actually speaking in her mind. S a spirit means that her opinions and feelings cant be trusted. S probably a lonely soul that needs a friend more than anything, and if you could, you would probably be that friend. I thought it would be important to ask you something, if you decide to tell me anything more about yourself anyway. M just here to waste your time, and help you get me in trouble. M not wasting any more of yours. Re going to have to pay me a little bit of respect. Ve ever met, but I thought with your age and appearance, you might be a ghost.

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