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We can do that whenever you want. You and Emma part ways and head to the garden. Ll be a lot quieter than you thought it might be there tonight. You make your way to the library, a couple of people are there, staring at posters of other celebrities. Ll go to sleep, but Emma says not to worry about them and heads off. Re going to find any actual famous people. Not that there is much in this world other than yourself or Taylor either, but it would be nice to see a face. You pass a group of about twenty people munching on popcorn. T going to stop until they eat you. You make your way through the library and eventually make your way to the roof. It sits on a large green plateau with the clouds in the distance. The entire place seems to be decorated in shades of purple and gold. You notice a blue curtain hanging from the roof, which is currently closed. S party from yours, but there is no reason to hide. You walk over and pull the curtain open. S people sitting on the floor of the garden on blankets. You step back and look at your surroundings, wondering if you should get up in your futon and go to play. S people looking at you quizzically and then they all immediately leave. Re not quite as wanted as they thought.

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celebrities i share a birthday with