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To All of Reddit sent 1 day ago Hey there. So hot, in fact, that I could get her to let me have her body by voting on which of these twenty hot celebrities is the hottest. Id add her to my collection, but I really need an Internet connection to do that. So I guess you should be up there, huh, bitch. Oh, did you want to see the hot photos. Come on you can do better than this. Its not like I havent seen ALL the pictures. You really think that, by voting on the hot list that youll end up on that list. So, when you vote, youre actually voting against Megan Fox. Which is something I can totally get behind. By the way, Ive got some other celebrities on my website. The list is supposed to change in a matter of hours, and that just wont do. I need to know if I should make this list more accurate, or if I should make it more of a popularity contest. So, who do you think should be on the list. Now, I realize you think that Megan Fox is hot. To All of Reddit sent 1 day ago Why is it that all I can say is a womans first name, as if I were the only one thats ever said those words. I never thought Id be saying, Hey AllDog, I am so glad that I found you, because your name is the perfect description of what Ive always thought you were. To All of Reddit sent 1 day ago.

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