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As youre taking a closer look at the sign you hear the clanging of a silver dollar being chucked into a briefcase and the other end of the briefcase hitting the cement. You turn around and see a small man standing beside the sign with a silver dollar in his hand, the briefcase behind him with the other end in his hand. The man smiles and hands you back the dollar and hands you back the briefcase. Re not going to toss you out. You exit and the man immediately turns back toward the sign. Ll try to keep up with the latest gossip. You tell him everything that is going on and point him in the direction of some places to check out. S dark out and then you make your way back out. Ve had the pleasure of meeting a few different people on this mission. Ve also had the pleasure of witnessing most of a drug trade going on in this city. Ve heard about how it used to be much more of a big deal in this city. How it was one of the main areas that made it profitable enough to be worthwhile. And it still serves a very important purpose in this war. You spend the rest of the night back at Fort Tangle in a room that has been converted into a barracks by the ECS. The sign outside has been removed, but the only indication that anything is different is a series of new metal bars with spikes on the top and bottom. Inside is a single bunk bed and a small desk for you. One of the ECS soldiers comes in and tells you to empty your bag which.

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celebrities holding signs