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You try to keep up with everything in your townYou stay up all night, thinking of more to do and not wanting to miss a thing. You check in on your social network pages, trying to keep up on everyones new updates, and on every possible news topic. You dont want to miss anything, not even the most minor news item about the current attacks, as it are. After a few more days of your town being raided for news, you find a really good thread on the GameFAQs board for your town, one that is currently up-to-date. You make sure to join in, and as you do, you realize that there are other people in town doing the same thing. It almost makes you believe that this all isnt as bad as it seems. You start to look around, and realize that other people in your town are checking-up on each other as well. Not like you belong to a community, and you find it more amusing than anything. The people in your town seem to be taking this attack all in stride, though. You keep on doing this for a few weeks, when you find a thread on GFAQs for another game you play. Its actually a rather normal post, just like your other posts. Then, when you log offon again, you dont think about it at all anymore. What the fuck, is there any fucking point in playing any more. Its something you ask yourself whenever youre down on your luck, even if you just need to play online for fun. This is, however, not the first time youve done something like this. If you were in your own room at home, you know exactly what youd be thinking. In this case, however, you need to find some place to live. Youre sort of glad youve gotten this big of a problem under control, because now youre stuck in this town and you dont have a clue as to what to do. You cant just go wandering all over town in a town that has all its shit hacked. You cant just go to the market and see what theyve got. You dont even have a car, if you didnt live in the city youd be in some kind of bind. Its not like you can go to the Hackers Nest.

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celebrities hacked