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Bruxism is a very common condition, affecting about 1 of the population. It is a congenital disorder in which a persons jaw is constantly grinding against teeth. The condition may cause difficulties with eating, drinking, chewing, speaking, and most other actions that require a sustained effort. A bruxer may also have problems with swallowing, resulting in their choking. Bruxers are often seen as being socially inept. Although this condition can be unpleasant, it is not fatal. The most effective treatment is speech therapy, which is achieved by teaching the affected person to produce more saliva and eventually to stop the grinding of the jaw. Contents showSymptoms EditBruxism is usually not a symptom of any particular health problem, but it is a sign of underlying emotional distress. Sometimes a person may not have symptoms for a long time, though it is very possible that he will not have them at all. If a bruxist has not bothered to speak to another person for a long time, he may not realize that he has teeth grinding and grinding his teeth, which is a symptom of Bruxism. In this case, he may be unaware that he has the problem. However, it is very often the case that a person has symptoms for a long time; this is usually called a prolonged bruxism. Other symptoms may include: a dry throat, difficulty in swallowing, and a tendency to cough. However, there are also other physical symptoms that are more common than teeth grinding, such as a hoarse voice or an irregular heartbeat. Treatment EditThere are several methods of treatment with teeth grinding treatment. The one most commonly used to cure Bruxism is dental flossing, a dental treatment which involves the use of a floss to loosen the teeth and allow them to move back into place, which helps to restore the proper jaw position. Another method is dental therapy, which involves the use of various tooth-softening devices to help restore natural tooth enamel, allowing the teeth to move back into place. The patient might feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable to the point of becoming withdrawn or depressed, and this can result in a relapse of symptoms. It is advisable to not pursue this treatment option unless all other treatments have failed. It is recommended to only pursue dental therapy if the patient is truly depressed and unable to move their jaw back into place on their own. Another alternative to dental therapy is to provide the mouth with a mouth cleaning solution such as mouth wash, but it is not recommended to do so unless other treatments like dental flossing, andor therapy have failed to cure the patient.

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