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Sandra pauses briefly to take breath and gather her thoughts before continuing. M still waiting for my damn dream girl. Shit man just get in the bathroom right now and do something about your life. Re taking a shit on the floor of the White House. T even imagine Trump winning; you thought that your mom was the crazy one. Yeah I know, but you need to just get this out of your system. S not as bad as what you said about me. A few days pass and you start to see how right she was about all of this. You start staying up late watching the news and other news sources. You also start finding out a little more about the world. All your preconceived notions of the world were in the toilet for a while, but you got over it and never really looked back. Like you were actually doing something in life and not just sitting there like a spectator. The next day you go to your local 7-11 and purchase a few food items. You buy some soda and a couple of other food items. You then go on to the local grocery store and grab some of the necessities as well as more food items you need to last you through the week. Eventually you end up going home. The next few days are spent in a semi-depressed state of mind. T really do anything else other than stay in your house and avoid interacting with people.

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celebrities going to canada