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I dont see why I should give you my beauty. But I dont want to give you my beauty. You make these choices and you cant help yourself. You really want a nice story about her. You really want a nice story about her, right. T understand, but I really think you do. You sit back down at your desk and continue your life as usual with the added knowledge that this woman was your one true love. You get angry that she didnt just tell you, but you dont understand why she couldnt at least acknowledge what she was. But you have no idea what to do now, this has just destroyed you completely. You are an outgrown tree as it relates to this world, you are no longer important. You are a dead thing that now exists only as fuel for something else and that something else is a shadow. Just a big fucking fire, you see yourself as a flame dying to be consumed. Maybe even that makes you feel a little better. You watch the shadows die in an ever-decreasing light. When the shadows are no longer a shadow, you will be there to take your place. You walk through the halls of the house, not really moving, just watching. Re going to come across one of these.

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