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Youve just started browsing, when you suddenly notice the photo. S of a red-haired woman with a bandolier over her arm, being led away by three soldiers. Re holding guns to her throat, and one of them is pointing a shotgun directly at her head. You read the captionThe caption reads:Daughter of a rich couple, the girl was used in vaudeville plays, then became a stage actress and eventually an actress. She was killed in an auto accident while hitchhiking to California. T quite understand the meaning of your own life anymore. You look at the photo a few more times. At last you decide that you must be in hell. S going to matter to you is getting your revenge on the men who have wronged you. You go back to the Internet History page, try to find a place where the photo actually exists, and you find it. In fact you find several places where it actually exists, on both the Internet and in the real world. All you have to do now is find one of the places where it was taken. You do so, and there you see a huge billboard, featuring several photos of a red-haired woman in a military uniform, being hauled off to a military plane by four armed soldiers. T find out where exactly the photo was taken. S number, assuming that she might have some idea of where it was actually taken. You ask her where the photo might be located, and she says, in her office.

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