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The Star Spangled BannerO CanadaThe Star-Spangled BannerO CanadaThe Star-Spangled BannerYou stand up and wave to the world as someone yells Welcome to the United States. No sooner have you begun to wave, when you receive a kick to the face from somebody behind you. You turn around to see a girl holding a baseball bat. You just barely dodge the bat and go flying through the air to the sidewalk. It seems that the boy in the back of your car was right, you arent the only one who isnt used to the speed of this road. You are about to call the police, when another girl comes flying out from behind you with a shotgun. You runYou manage to get away after dodging the shotgun. You head back on to the road that you were driving on before the car crash. You manage to run for a block and then a half before running out of gas. T have long to be thinking about all this until you see a group of people driving down the road at a pretty fast pace. Re coming towards you as you run up to the sidewalk and you get in front of them in an attempt to outrun them. T stop immediately, they keep right on going. You keep running when you hear a shotgun blow your brains out. This particular Saturday night, you and your friends are heading out for a nice night of drinking and dancing. T exactly sure what the girls look like, but you assume it has to do with how drunk they are. Ve gone beyond that with some of your friends. T going to turn into something more serious than the one you and your friends had last month. Re driving along, you see a couple of vans parked out on the street.

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