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The Most Recognizable Name:Lil JonAge: 41Home: NashvilleWhy he grew up in the Big Orange State: I grew up in the suburbs of a big ol city, he says. Nashville doesnt take itself too seriously, but it does take itself seriously enough to have some pretty crazy laws. I guess thats the reason why they allowed me to live here. I feel like I wouldnt have fit in anywhere else. Best thing about living in Nashville: My roommate is my husband, and he is my partner in crime. Lil Jon isnt one for small talk, but he will give you more than enough if you ask about the citys various tourist attractions. Lil Jon isnt in Nashville to play – hes a musician. He has sold millions of records around the world and has released six platinum albums. He currently has the largest record contract in the world. Hes been nominated for five Grammy Awards. Hes performed at the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, the White House and the Brit Awards. The Most Underrated Thing About Us:South Carolina has a southern charm. Favorite South Carolina Memory: The day I realized that the town I was living in had a library. South Carolinas Greatest Attraction:Its the Palmetto State. Favorite South Carolina Spot: What I actually do love about South Carolina is the beaches. Ive been to four different beaches in five days, and theyre all amazing. South Carolinas Funniest Person:A lot of people dont like me, but I think the funniest people are the ones that have an open mind. South Carolinas Best College Sport:I like swimming a lot and I like shooting baskets a lot. South Carolinas Best Place to Go for a Date:Me: Im dating a girl named Tina. Me: Im trying to find my soulmate. Me: If you want to be really specific, you could say heshe has to be a famous person. South Carolinas Most Romantic Place:If theres a manwoman in my life thats truly my soulmate, then I cant say that my hometown is the place where it happened. South Carolinas Best-Loved Pastime:I like to spend time with my dog. South Carolinas Most Hated Person:People dont like me here, he says.

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