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No one has been more proud than me of my state. No one has been more proud of my state. There is a reason why I am always proud of N. In the past few minutes I have listed 30 awesome famous people who are from N. Here is a little more info on each one. Jesse James Born in Carolina County, N. Jesse James was a Confederate cavalryman who served as a scout for Confederate General Robert E. He lived in North Carolina and often visited his family in Carolina County. Jesse James home was an orphanage called the James Farm until it burned when Union troops raided the James Farm. Jesse James became a real-life Robin Hood for the Confederacy: helping his fellow Confederates when they were in need. He was so successful at it that he became a popular patriotic symbol for Southern Rebels. After the Civil War, Jesse James became a legend in the Confederate legend. In fact, he was an inspiration for the character in the movie Forrest Gump. He was killed in 1891 during the Battle of Fort Pillow by a bullet in the throat. John Henry Morgan born in Harnett County, N. After the Civil War, Morgan became one of the most prominent white planters in North Carolina, especially in Orange County. After the war, Morgan became a real-life Robin Hood for the South: helping soldiers, poor and indigent whites and blacks when possible. During the Reconstruction period, John Henry Morgan became a symbol of the Old South. At the time of his death, he was one of the richest and most powerful men in North Carolina. Walter Bibbs Anderson Born in Bertie County, N. Bibbs Anderson was an American Civil War veteran and the first black man to achieve the rank of Captain in the Confederate Army. Before the Civil War, Bibbs Anderson and his brother lived in Virginia. After the war, Bibbs Anderson was active in the pro-South cause, which included supporting the Confederacy. Bibbs Andersons wife was an abolitionist and a friend of Abraham Lincoln. Bibbs Anderson was killed during the Battle of Fort Sumter. The bullets that killed Bibbs Anderson were fired by South Carolinian George Armstrong Custer. George Old Man Beale Born in Swain County, N.

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