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Charlie, I, the people of Kansas City can give you a little bit of a lesson in song when you come to visit. Y yOh, we cant, we need to go. And all girls arent allowed in the administration building. Oh, Im so sorry, Charlie, You say. Charlie follows you and then you walk past him and into the state building. There, you see your sister Carol standing in a doorway. You say, walking into her room. I wanted to explain our visit to the governor to you, You explain. Of course I want to see the governor, hes my governor. I told you, Im just here to see my sister. I had an amazing visit with him and I wanted to show the governor what I found out. Hell be pleased to see me, You say. Charlie, we need to get you something. I dont even know what it is that you found out. I mean, does he actually like jazz. Okay, well we have to go to this meeting about the new highway system, You say. Well wait for Coach Ketchum to pick us up. Its going to take a while and I dont want to be late. You head to the car, as your sister goes into her room. You wait for a while, then you hear a car horn honk outside. You see Coach Ketchum parked in your driveway and his wife standing next to him. It looks like theyve gotten into a physical altercation. You cant see me, You say, until you get out of.

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celebrities from kansas